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Hi, I’m Tracy Otsuka, host and author of the podcast and book, ADHD for SMART ASS WOMEN. If you’ve ever felt like you’re spinning, overwhelmed by the chaos of daily life, then you know exactly why I created BLENDS.




Whenever I create something new, it always starts with the same question: "What will help me best understand and embrace my brilliant ADHD brain?" BLENDS are crafted with that question in mind. Once I created BLENDS for myself and discovered its effectiveness, I knew I had to share it with you.

Wouldn’t it be great to start each day grounded, present, and reminded of how special and capable your brain is? With BLENDS, you can do just that. Delivered in a daily, private podcast feed as an exclusive audio series, it's easy in, easy out, just the way our brains like it.


is Tracy’s daily ten-minutes or less, 365 day, year-long mix of audio coaching, teaching, music, mindfulness, affirmations, breathwork, humor, gratitude, and inspiration all blended together to suit our fast-paced, ADHD brains. 


What’s Inside


BLENDS is not about toxic positivity or ignoring the complex emotions that often come with ADHD. Instead, it’s about understanding and reframing misconceptions, recognizing the good in our lives, and using our unique strengths to thrive. Our ADHD brains thrive on positive emotion, so consider BLENDS your daily Rx for just that!

I am absolutely loving BLENDS. It has really helped with mood and mindset so just want to say a big thank you. - Marika W.

Thank you so much for putting BLENDS out into the Universe for those of us who dance to our own rhythm. - Kelly C.

 Here’s What You’ll Find in Your Daily Blend:

Structured Yet Flexible Guidance

Designed with the ADHD brain in mind, BLENDS offers a structured start and/or end to your day but with the flexibility to suit your unique needs.

Diverse Modalities for Engagement

Integrating mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), breathwork, affirmations, gratitude, music and a touch of humor—because who wants to start the day without that?


Inspire yourself with powerful, positive statements.

Simple Breathwork

Calm your nervous system with a simple breathing technique.

Gratitude Check-In

Shift your focus from negative emotion to positive emotion by reflecting on what’s going right in your life.

Inspiration and Hope

Every session is designed to teach you about your brain and leave you inspired, hopeful, and ready to tackle the day in positive emotion.



It's a new, easy way to access exclusive audio content on your favorite podcast player. No more searching through various sources to find feel-good inspiration to kickstart or wind down your day. This feed delivers concise, 10-minute BLENDS designed just for your brilliant ADHD brain.

New to private podcasts?

Is this the course for me?

 Let me break it down

What is a private podcast?

What is a private podcast?

Audio content that you can listen to via your favorite free podcast app. Perks of this format include speed control, uninterrupted playback even while multi-tasking, and your app will save your place so you never have to struggle to pick up where you left off.

Where can I tune in?

Where can I tune in?

Once you’ve added BLENDS to your favorite podcast app, you’ll be able to listen anywhere, anytime - without data. So tune in while folding laundry, taking a walk with your dog, multitasking during errands or sitting in the bleachers at your kiddo's "riveting" baseball game. 

Why you'll love this format?

Why you'll love this format?

If you’ve ever tried to listen to anything while cooking, exercising, or multitasking, you know how frustrating video players can be—they demand all your attention. Open your messenger app or switch to a recipe, and the content stops. Private podcast feeds, on the other hand, are designed to run and play in the background without interruption. 

When will I get access?

When will I get access?

You'll receive a brand new BLEND every morning, for a full year. That's 365 BLENDS; no program login required.

Who it's best suited for?

Who it's best suited for?

BLENDS are perfect for people who want to start their day in positive emotion, love audio content, and appreciate easy, quick access. It’s ideal for those looking to seamlessly integrate a calming and uplifting routine into their daily lives.

How can I access this?

How can I access this?

You’ll be able to play BLENDS via your favorite free podcast app, like Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Castbox, Podcast Addict, and more. You can listen from any Apple or Android device, or your desktop computer.

Join the


This isn't a subscription—it's a commitment to yourself. For just $47, join me on a year-long journey of 365 BLENDS, delivered every morning through my private podcast platform. 

Sign up for BLENDS today and transform your mornings, afternoons or evenings, into a haven of peace and productivity!


Have a burning 


Is this the course for me?

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital and instant nature of this product, there are no refunds.

How many BLENDS will I receive?

Is this an ongoing podcast?

You will receive over 365 BLENDS episodes, powerful content to start every day with. Plus, you can listen to it again and again.

Do you guarantee results if I listen to your advice?

Do you guarantee results if I listen to your advice?

While I can't guarantee results, many listeners have told me how they started to internalize my words, hearing them as their own thoughts. They shifted focus to their strengths and positive emotions, leading to a genuine belief in these inspiring messages and transforming their mindset.

How will BLENDS be accessed?

How will the podcast be accessed?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a unique link to access BLENDS. This link allows you to listen via your preferred podcast player, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

What topics do you cover?

What topics do you cover?

BLENDS will cover all topics of interest to a person with ADHD, including setting intentions, building resilience, practicing gratitude, impulsivity and shopping, leadership, recognizing challenging interactions as lessons, handling failure as feedback, and more. Each BLEND offers insights and strategies for navigating life's twists and turns with curiosity, creativity, and positive emotion.

what are they



Tracy Otsuka, JD, is a certified ADHD coach and the acclaimed host of the ADHD for Smart Ass Women podcast, which ranks #1 in its category with over 6 million downloads across 160 countries. With a decade of experience empowering a diverse range of clients—from C-suite executives to entrepreneurs—Tracy has helped thousands recognize that their neurodivergence has strengths. Leveraging her analytical prowess honed as lead counsel at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, she adeptly guides her clients to enhance productivity, financial health, and personal relationships. A sought-after expert, Tracy's insights have been featured in top-tier publications like Inc, Forbes, CBS Mornings and ADDitude magazine. Residing in Sonoma County outside of San Francisco with her family, Tracy has recently published her new book with HarperCollins - William Morrow, titled ADHD for SMART ASS WOMEN.


I am really enjoying BLENDS. My SUDs score is always lower after an episode! -Heather F.

Your rad, encouraging voice in my ears as I blearily get morning going? Yes, please! -Clara W.

I love BLENDS! 💜 -Sue K.




Ready to uplevel your mindset and boost positive emotions? While therapy, workshops, coaching and self-help books are valuable, BLENDS offers something different - a fast, easy, and budget-friendly way to enhance your positive emotions and mindset everyday.

Experience BLENDS audio coaching with Tracy for a $47 one-time investment!

365 episodes of powerful content to start and/or end your day with.