The Unplanner System for Planning Success

For those who wonder why everyone else has success with planners but them?

January-December 2024


A 12 month January-December 2024 toolkit that helps you plan, prioritize and REMEMBER what you need to get done. It will reduce your overwhelm, calm your brain and increase your productivity. This is like no planner you've ever seen.



The Unplanner System for Planning Success

What's Included?

Monthly Calendar

Weekly Task Card

Brain Download Card

Goal Decode Card

Use our monthly calendar to track weekly appointments and events. Since we're all about positive emotion we’ve given you plenty of space to focus on your strengths and give yourself gold stars.

For us, out of sight means out of mind. You have to flip to the right month, right week and finally the right day. Who has time for this? We often forget we even have a planner! You'll print your Weekly Task cards on cardstock so they're always in sight and in mind.

Our brains are made to think not remember. If you're trying to remember all your ideas, to-dos and deadlines it's no wonder you feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is exactly why I created our Brain Download cards.

We struggle with planners when we see a goal as just one giant task. That big task is so overwhelming we don't know where to start, so we don't start. Using our Goal Decode card you'll learn how to break down that goal into small doable tasks.


A-OK! EVERY DAY is for you if . . .

You've struggled to use any planner consistently.

You buy all the new planners but stop using them after a day, week or month.

You don't know how to break your goals down into doable tasks.

You've struggled to use any planner consistently.

You feel overwhelmed and disorganized.

You wonder why everyone else is successful with planners but you.

Take a Peek inside...


The Unplanner System for Planning Success


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is A-OK! EVERY DAY for?

A-OK! EVERY DAY is for you if you buy all the planners (paper and digital) but can't seem to use them for more than a couple of weeks.

This planning system is a series of downloadable pdfs that you will print on cardstock and use pencil/pen with.

You will learn how to use our simple system of monthly calendar and weekly task list cards. That’s what sits on your desk, fits in your purse, and goes with you wherever you go. It's simple and doable so you will actually use it.

Who is A-OK! EVERY DAY not for?

If you successfully use other planners, this system is not for you.

If you need a planner to schedule many appointments throughout the day and check off more than a dozen daily to-dos, A-OK! EVERY DAY is likely not for you.

If you’re a project manager who needs a system to manage many projects at one time, A-OK! is not for you.

A-OK! EVERY DAY was designed as a simple, bare bones system to help those who struggle with planning learn how to generate positive emotion, create tasks and reach their goals.

That said, I use this system to manage a staff of six, run several projects, coach hundreds of ADHD women and create a podcast ranked in the top one-half percent of all podcasts in the world on any subject.

I believe that our biggest problem is we have too much on our task/to-do lists and unrealistic expectations about what we can accomplish in a day. We are time blind so have no sense of how long things take. This means that we don't reach our goals and therefore feel nothing but negative emotion towards them. It's no wonder that we have no interest in sticking with a planner.

What was your intention when creating A-OK! EVERY DAY?

A-OK! EVERY DAY was created for those with ADHD. My goal was to focus on simple organization that calms the nervous system and makes us successful planners; sort of like Marie Kondo but for the brain.

A-OK EVERY DAY was built as a physical planning system for 2021 but because of supply chain issues and escalating shipping costs, I decided to offer the A-OK! EVERY DAY Planning system as a digital download starting 2022.

You will send these downloads to your local printer who will print, fold and cut them. 

How much is shipping?

Nothing. A-OK! EVERY DAY is a digital download. You will receive the download within a few minutes of your purchase.

How much does it cost to print A-OK! EVERY DAY using my local printer?

We can't predict exactly what your printer will charge but my local Staples in California charged me under $37 to print the planner pages on cardstock.

So what's this about the Done For You planner?

We heard you! Many of you hate printing the planner on your own so we've arranged to have Vervante print it for you. Find the link on the Done For You payment section above to pay for your printed planner pages and calculate shipping. Vervante will print and ship your planner pages directly to you. Because of supply chain problems, availability may be sporadic. Paper costs and shipping charges are very high and paper availability seems to change daily. My favorite brand and quality of card stock is not always available. 


I’m a creative thinker, simplifier, an avid boycotter of the status quo, and a classic over doer.

I'm also the host of, ADHD for Smart Ass Women, which is ranked in the top one-half percent of all podcasts in the world on any subject, the founder of the 54K+ member Facebook Group of the same name and the strength-focused coaching system,Your ADHD Brain is A-OK! as well as a ADDCA certified ADHD coach.

I've lived my life as a securities attorney, high end women's wear designer (60% of our business was Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom) and a real estate broker.

In all of these careers, I obsessively searched for that perfect planner. Every new incarnation of bright, shiny planner potential left me hopeful that this one would finally be THE ONE. Inevitably, a few weeks later, I would give up or worse, I'd forget that I even had a planner! Planners never made me feel more organized nor did they decrease my sense of overwhelm. Instead, they made me feel bad about myself. Why did everyone else have success with them but me?

Then three years ago, I had an impromptu meeting in NYC with a brilliant organizational expert, Francesca Rizzo. She shared her one page planner with me. She also counseled that in order for the ADHD brain to be successful with any planning system it has to be easy to get in and out of. It has to be simple. Lo and behold, six months later I was still using her one-page planner which showed me that I too could be successful with the RIGHT kind of planner.

That's when it dawned on me that the problem wasn't me; it was the planners. Traditional planners didn't work for my non-linear ADHD brain because they were overly complicated and had too many steps. They didn't actually teach me how to reach my goals. They didn't show me how to choose a goal and break it down into small tasks nor plan, prioritize and organize and they did nothing to remind me TO ACTUALLY USE THEM. No wonder my desktop was still littered with post-it-notes!

In true ADHD fashion however, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to customize this concept for myself so I promptly fell down the rabbit hole of one-page planners. It turns out that there are a lot of them and I've tried them all. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had spent an entire year designing A-OK! EVERY DAY for myself, and now I'm excited to share it with you. 


The Unplanner System for Planning Success

12 Month UnPlanner System

January-December 2024

Do It Yourself

Done For You

You print at home or at your local printer using a downloadable PDF.

Our printer ships planner directly to you.





One Time Payment

One Time Payment

Digital PDF Download of Monthly Calendar Cards, Weekly Task List Cards, and Monthly Brain Download, and Goal Decode Cards

 Instructions on how to use the A-OK! Every Day Digital Download System and how to plan for the ADHD brain

Print what you want when you want

 Shipping cost based on destination

Our printer will print your planner pages and ship them directly to you.

Month Printer Planner includes the Monthly Calendar Cards, Weekly Task List Cards, Monthly Brain Download, and Goal Decode Cards




Isn't 2024 the year to...

Finally organize yourself around a system that actually works for your ADHD brain?