When my son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 12, his psychologist told us to reduce his expectations so he wouldn't be disappointed in life.

I fired her.

In that moment, I decided to learn everything I could about what ADHD really looks like since so many professionals didn't seem to have a clue.

Eight months later, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Now I'm on a mission to change the conversation around ADHD and women.

my ADHD Journey began with my child

I know what it feels like to be “too much.”

I’ve always been an overdoer, questioning the norms when everyone else goes with the flow. Others wondered why I couldn’t relax, lighten up, or reign it in. I chalked it up to being inherently driven. Now I know that drivenness is a form of hyperactivity – an ADHD trademark.

are you extra or are they just basic?

What I know for sure is that what we think we’re capable of determines what we accomplish.

My later-in-life ADHD diagnosis allowed me to live without prescribed limitations. The bullshit suggestion that I shrink my son’s goals revealed the risk of being confined by arbitrary limits.

Too many women live with reduced expectations and let life pass them by because they haven’t learned how to zero in on their strengths and work with their ADHD brain.

That's why I started my podcast, my free Facebook community and wrote my book. It’s also why I’m committed to changing the way we talk about ADHD and women.

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Still Not Convinced? 

Tracy is like a marvelous Fairy Godmother liberating women from their negative labels and helping them lay claim to the wonderful life they can have.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

Child and Adult Psychiatrist and Leading Authority in the Field of ADHD, New York Times Bestselling Author and Podcast Host AND Dr. Hallowell wrote the foreword for Tracy's new book