152: ADHD and Friends: Blurting, Oversharing and Small Talk with Social Skills Expert, Caroline Maguire

Jun 23

No matter how much we learn about our ADHD, there is always somehow more to uncover. One of my personal ADHD blind spots has always been social skills; for some reason, I was convinced that I didn’t have any difficulties with social skills and had escaped this ADHD trait. That is, until social skills expert and my guest this episode, the wonderful Caroline Maguire, brought me back down to Earth when she told me the areas of social intelligence that she likes to talk about and I realized I actually struggle with every single one. Who knew!

Luckily, Caroline is the founder of a revolutionary social-emotional learning methodology that helps teach social skills to children, teenagers, and young adults, so she came ready with some helpful insights on why we struggle with things like giving TMI and hating small talk and what we can do about it while remaining true to ourselves. Her work may be designed for children--her book Why Will No One Play With Me? was awarded Best Family and Parenting book of 2020--but all of her concepts and learning materials are just as applicable to adults. In her words, “It’s all the same dilemma, it’s just whether or not you’re 5 and you can’t articulate it or you’re 60 and you know darn well what’s going on.”

Caroline doesn’t want us to change or hide who we are, rather, her goal is to help ADHDers of all ages learn how to be present in each moment in order to demonstrate the greatness that we all possess.





"Here’s how I am: I know that some people with ADHD have very limited future thinking, I am the opposite. I--and there are definitely people like me out there--I am intense, I have too much future thinking. I think about things in the future with an urgency that is crushing. " 
-  Caroline Maguire

"I think there’s this plucky side of me--and part of it does go back to my learning disabilities--where I had to overcome a lot. Lots of times, even now, people tell me something cannot be done and I’m always like, ‘I’ll show you.’"
-  Caroline Maguire

[00:00 - 14:59] Journey from Diagnosis to Advocacy

  • Caroline discusses her journey from being a misunderstood child with ADHD to becoming a pioneer in ADHD coaching and education, emphasizing the importance of tailored support for individuals with ADHD.
  • Caroline shares her personal journey with ADHD, diagnosed at age 12 but only fully understood in adulthood.
  • Caroline highlights the transformation that comes with understanding and managing ADHD, advocating for more awareness and support for those affected.

[14:59 - 26:51] Transforming Job Frustration into Passion

  • Caroline shares her transitions from hating her job to becoming a renowned ADHD coach and author.
  • Caroline discovered that her career shift led to pioneering coaching techniques for ADHD individuals.
  • Caroline explores her unique coaching methods using interactive and visual tools to enhance understanding of ADHD.

[26:51 - 59:11] Navigating Empathy in Social Interactions

  • Caroline discusses how oversharing relates to one's emotional state and self-regulation, urging mindfulness about audience and intimacy levels to foster meaningful connections.
  • Caroline advises on improving social interactions by recognizing triggers for oversharing, monitoring emotional states, and practicing mindful communication tailored to different intimacy levels.
  • Caroline emphasizes the importance of empathy in conversations, suggesting strategies to avoid oversharing by understanding personal self-regulation cues and adjusting communication accordingly.

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