276: Embracing ADHD and Autism: The Mindful Misfit's Guide to Movement and Magic for Every Body

Apr 15

Recognizing the importance of self-care and body connection is crucial for those with ADHD, which is what makes Caitlin Doherty’s work with Mindful Movement for Misfits so significant. As a therapeutic yoga and movement practitioner, Caitlin not only offers guidance but also embodies the vibrant possibilities of living with ADHD and autism. Her personal journey is one of resilience, navigating the obstacles of a late diagnosis and limited early support to transform her unique traits from childhood struggles into adult strengths. In this episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, we delve into how neurodivergent characteristics, often misunderstood in youth—like outspokenness and a relentless pursuit of truth—actually signify intelligence and creativity.

Caitlin Doherty is a therapeutic yoga and movement practitioner with a deep passion for animals and a curious outlook on life. She applies her expertise at an eating disorder clinic, teaching yoga with a focus on compassionate care. As an autistic woman with ADHD and Pathological Demand Avoidance, Caitlin understands the complexities of mental and chronic illnesses. Through her company, Mindful Movement for Misfits, she creates inclusive spaces for those often marginalized in traditional wellness environments, helping them reconnect with their bodies just as they are.





"I believe we encounter a whole spectrum of experiences. Learning to take a breath and slow down has been very beneficial."
- Caitlin Doherty 

"We often feel like we're pushing up against something, yet it's our inherent neurodivergent traits—like the drive to advocate for ourselves and ask questions—that make us stand out."
- Caitlin Doherty 

"I think it feels much better than traditional exercise. It's about redefining movement and redefining our relationship with our bodies, with ourselves, and with our approach to self-care."
- Caitlin Doherty 

"Drop the 'shoulds' and the expectations of how things are supposed to be. Those things allow me to really live the life I want. "
- Caitlin Doherty 

[00:00 - 09:19]  Discovering Clarity in Diagnosis and Embracing Identity
  • A deep dive into the challenges and late discovery of ADHD and autism, emphasizing the need for better support.
  • Tracy Otsuka and Caitlin Doherty explore the enriching yet complex identities shaped by autism and ADHD labels.
  • Discussion on expanding cultural understanding and embracing diverse neurodivergent identities.

[09:19 - 22:48] Celebrating Neurodiversity and Understanding PDA
  • Caitlin discusses the enlightening journey of connecting with her autism through art therapy and social media.
  • The strengths and inherent qualities of neurodivergent minds, such as their natural inclination for detailed structure and innate bravery, are highlighted.
  • A comprehensive discussion about Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), clarifying its unique aspects and distinguishing it from related conditions.

[22:48 - 1:00:15 ] Well-being Through Movement and Personalized Strategies
  • The importance of body positivity, intuitive eating, and fostering inclusive environments in wellness is emphasized.
  • Caitlin shares how personalized movement practices and respecting individual needs can profoundly benefit mental health.
  • Useful tips on accommodating ADHD through customized reading strategies and valuing distinct educational styles.

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