281: True Crime: The Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell Story with Author, Lori Hellis

May 21

Do you love true crime stories and want to see how ADHD plays a role in them? Then this episode is for you!

Lori Hellis is a former lawyer turned true crime author. Lori believes she has ADHD, evident in her constant need for activity, family history of ADHD, and love for doodling. Her journey from law to writing is driven by her restless mind's need for new challenges and constant stimulation.

Lori's impressive background includes working as a prosecutor, public defender, and advocate. She holds degrees in Journalism and Creative Nonfiction, which enable her to turn complex legal matters into compelling stories. Her first book, "The No-Nonsense Guide to Divorce," offers practical advice for Millennials. Lori also serves in the Air National Guard, demonstrating her commitment to helping others.

In this episode, Lori gives us a fascinating view of the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell case, a chilling story of missing children, doomsday beliefs, and mysterious deaths, that has captivated the nation. She shares her expert insights, explaining how her ADHD has helped her unravel complex legal narratives. Her upcoming book, "Children of Darkness and Light: Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell - A Story of Murderous Faith," promises to be a must-read when it releases on September 3, 2024.

Lori's expert insights and engaging storytelling bring true crime to life, making this an episode you won't want to miss.





"I'm a person who needs to be busy all the time, I need to be like the Energizer Bunny and have to have something going on."
- Lori Hellis

"I learned early on that I had to do things that didn't involve my work, or I would just become so enmeshed in it that I would not be able to get out. I learned that I had to do other things, and I had to do other creative outlets."
- Lori Hellis

"I love the fact that I learn something new every day. I realized that is an ADHD trait - needing to have that level of stimulation and figuring something new out every time."
- Lori Hellis

"People ask, “How many careers have you had?” I say, many. I don't anticipate retiring anytime soon, and I'm very excited about all the things life has to throw at me now.”
- Lori Hellis

[00:05 - 09:57] ADHD, Creativity, and Life Experiences
  • Lori Hellis shares her personal experiences with ADHD, including constant activity and difficulty sitting still.
  • Discussion on the need for constant activity and the impact of ADHD on daily life and creativity.
  • Lori reflects on her childhood and struggles with infertility, and the joy of becoming a mother at 39.

[09:58 - 29:17] ADHD in the Legal Profession and True Crime
  • Lori discusses ADHD's impact on her career as an attorney and the prevalence of ADHD among public defenders.
  • Challenges in balancing creativity with accuracy in legal work and true crime stories.
  • Tracy and Lori delve into the disappearance case that caught Tracy's attention and the mental health issues of Lori Vallow.

[29:18 - 50:26] The Lori Vallow Case and LDS Church Insights
  • Exploration of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell's beliefs, actions, and mental health.
  • Lori talks about her career shift towards writing and community building around the true crime genre, considering podcasting as a potential next step.
  • Lori’s upcoming book, "Children of Darkness and Light: Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell - A Story of Murderous Faith," promises to be a must-read when it releases on September 3, 2024.


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