283: Kris Jones: Simplifying Writing for ADHD Brains

Easing the Path for ADHD Creativity

June 3

Can creativity and chaos coexist to create brilliance? Let’s unlock the secrets to mastering storytelling and entrepreneurship with Kris Jones in this week’s episode of the ADHD for Smart Ass Women.

Kris Jones is a pioneer in storytelling and entrepreneurship. She founded Red Door Stories in 2003 after overcoming significant challenges, including a struggle with writing and a fear of being seen. Kris has worked with experts like Donald Miller of "Building a StoryBrand" and has collaborated with major names like Jeff Bezos, Nike, and Adidas. Despite these achievements, Kris's heart beats strongest for female coaches and service providers, empathizing with their struggles in copywriting, visibility, and the transformative potential of a well-crafted Signature Story.

In this episode, Kris shares her journey from initial skepticism and a 2017 ADHD diagnosis to overcoming childhood challenges with anxiety and executive function. She reveals how writing, once a source of torment, became a delightful journey of self-expression and professional growth. Discover how Kris found solace in writing during college, transforming her academic struggles into triumphs, and laying the foundation for her entrepreneurial journey. Learn about the "idea list" and the impact of Donald Miller's StoryBrand framework on effective communication. We also discuss the unique hurdles faced by individuals with ADHD in professional settings and offer practical tips for articulating your work and accomplishments with clarity and confidence.





"The beautiful thing about storytelling is that it doesn't matter whether it's a movie, a book, or a spoken story that always follows the same formula, which is comforting for the ADHD brain because you just know once you know the formula, you can always fall back on that."
- Kris Jones

"When we position our work as a story, it creates a compelling narrative. For example, if someone asks, "What do you do?" and you respond with a practiced answer: a hero has a problem, they meet a guide with a solution, and the hero experiences success. This two-sentence response draws the listener into an engaging conversation."
- Kris Jones

"I am still as passionate about this work every day as I was at the beginning because I'm never solving the same problem twice. It's like my brain has a perpetual bone to chew on."
- Kris Jones

"You're sharing who you work with, the problems you solve, and the benefits they experience. It's not about sales; it's about simplifying your work so others can understand and engage with it."
- Kris Jones

[00:00 - 09:09] ADHD Diagnosis and Early Struggles
  • Kris Jones shares her ADHD journey and entrepreneurial success in storytelling.
  • Kris discusses childhood experiences with ADHD, including anxiety and creativity.
  • Challenges with executive function in school and later finding success in college with more demanding classes.

[09:09 - 27:49] Finding Passion and Purpose
  • Discovery of a passion for graphic design after college, leading to quick success and fulfillment.
  • Embracing ADHD as part of identity and leveraging it for success in design and marketing.
  • Impact of Donald Miller's story branding framework on marketing strategies.

[27:49 - 58:18] Effective Storytelling and ADHD Coaching
  • Kris Jones emphasizes positioning ADHD coaching clients as heroes in their own stories.
  • Overcoming writer's block and improving communication through a clear story framework and collaboration.


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