286: Heather Florio: Transforming Women’s Health and Wellness

Uncover Heather Florio's groundbreaking work in pelvic health and oncology

June 24

Heather Florio's journey is one of resilience and growth. Her advice? Do overwhelming things one step at a time.

Diagnosed with ADHD in high school and discovering she was autistic at age 41, Heather turned these traits into sources of strength and creativity. Growing up in a military family in Germany, she embraced her unique perspective and developed innovative strategies to manage her symptoms, such as using music to aid her focus and finding solace in books. Heather’s experiences highlight the importance of adapting and finding personal solutions to thrive despite challenges.

Heather Florio, the second-generation owner of Desert Harvest, has collaborated with medical professionals worldwide since 1993 to develop products and advocate for health in various fields, including urology, pelvic health, and dermatology. She serves on the board of the Northern Light Health Center for Healthy Brain Aging and launched a fundraising campaign for the AANE organization in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Heather's dedication to promoting health and wellness extends beyond her company, reflecting her passion for making a positive impact on the broader community.

As the CEO of Desert Harvest, Heather's ability to hyper-focus and multitask has driven the company's growth by 1,000% since 2012. She has created effective systems to manage her time and responsibilities, showcasing how her ADHD traits can be powerful assets. Heather's dedication to her work, combined with her roles as a mother and advocate for women's health, has earned her numerous accolades, including being named one of the top 50 Women in Wellness and a feature in Forbes. When not at the helm of Desert Harvest, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, three sons, and three dogs, embracing the joy and balance of family life.





"I think that my neurodivergent qualities are what allowed me to flourish because I was really able to utilize those abilities."
- Heather Florio

"It's very important for me to give back and share the knowledge I have in education while also advancing opportunities for women."
- Heather Florio

"Hyper-focusing and multitasking have been both a blessing and a challenge in my role as CEO. Developing systems to manage my time effectively has been crucial for balancing my responsibilities."
- Heather Florio

"My ability to speak openly and without a filter about important topics has been incredibly inspiring, both for me and for the people I help."
- Heather Florio

"I don't micromanage because I believe in hiring people for their skills and letting them flourish."
- Heather Florio

[0:00 - 15:22] ADHD Diagnosis and Struggles with Learning
  • Heather Florio is a successful entrepreneur and advocate for women's health.
  • Tracy Otsuka interviews Heather about her ADHD diagnosis and strategies for managing symptoms.
  • Heather shares her experience with ADHD and autism, struggling with social cues and emotional understanding in high school.

[15:23 - 38:07] Entrepreneurship, Neurodiversity, and Event Planning
  • Heather started hosting events at 16 years old, groomed for the industry by her entrepreneurial mother.
  • She took over operations of a company in 2012, growing it by 150% since then.
  • Heather discusses the challenges of time management and multitasking due to ADHD and autism.

[38:08 - 1:05:58] ADHD, Autism, and Leadership in Business
  • Heather emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and understanding neurodivergent traits.
  • Tracy Otsuka and Heather discuss the impact of ADHD and autism on leadership style and business growth.
  • Heather talks about developing pelvic health products and educating women globally, despite struggles with multitasking and active listening due to ADHD.


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