288: Inspiring Photographers Worldwide: Michelle Harris's ADHD Journey

Building a Stress-Free, Six-Figure Photography Business without Burnout

July 08

Harnessing hyper-focus, effective prioritization, and community support are the ADHD traits that Michelle Harris credits for her success. Initially, her signs of ADHD were overlooked due to cultural misunderstandings, but she has since embraced her unique abilities. This episode highlights how unexpected life changes can bring lifelong conditions into clear focus.

Michelle's entrepreneurial spirit showed early on, selling snacks at school and later exploring the MLM and insurance world. Inspired by her mother's military career and driven by her ambitions, she eventually found her passion in capturing weddings after trying her hand at newborn photography. She openly discusses the stigma surrounding ADHD medication within the Black community and how overcoming these barriers has strengthened her professional performance and personal growth.

Michelle Harris is a leader in the destination wedding photography industry. Her expertise in posing has been featured in well-known publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Luxury Wedding Magazine, and People Magazine. Michelle is dedicated to inspiring photographers worldwide to build successful six-figure businesses. She teaches smart marketing and advanced photography techniques, helping them grow without the stress and burnout of constant hustle. Living with ADHD, Michelle designs her classes to be straightforward and easy to follow under pressure. Michelle is also a proud mother of two tween daughters and a 5lb Yorkie.






"If you write the priority list, don't allow anything to change it, and that will make you the most successful."
- Michelle Harris

"Don't allow anyone to discourage you from anything you have just decided to do."
- Michelle Harris

"I didn't find someone who directly looked like me to teach me wedding photography. So, as soon as I could get to the point where I could teach anyone anything, I knew I had to be an expert."
- Michelle Harris

"Providing concise, powerful information up front helps maintain attention and ensures that key points are remembered."
- Michelle Harris

[00:00 - 14:36] ADHD Diagnosis and Journey:
  • Tracy Otsuka interviews Michelle Harris, a leader in destination wedding photography, discussing her ADHD journey and business success.
  • Michelle Harris shares her expertise in posing and marketing, helping photographers grow without stress and burnout.
  • Michelle Harris discusses her ADHD diagnosis three years ago and the impact of COVID on her productivity.

[14:36 - 36:56] Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth:
  • Michelle Harris struggled in school due to learning issues, leading to a lack of focus and motivation.
  • Michelle found success in insurance sales after a side hustle, despite initial reservations, developing strong writing and communication skills.
  • Tracy Otsuka and Michelle discuss their entrepreneurial traits, with Michelle's daughter showing entrepreneurial tendencies and Tracy's daughter being more interested in makeup and YouTube.

[36:56 - 59:59] ADHD Management and Wedding Photography:
  • Michelle Harris shares her experience with ADHD medication, including trying different types and finding what works best for her, and being vocal about her diagnosis on social media.
  • Michelle transformed from insurance agent to wedding photographer, finding passion in weddings through tagging along with other photographers and becoming an expert within 3 years.
  • Michelle simplifies her teaching approach to accommodate ADHD, using acronyms and visual aids, and prioritizes tasks by splitting them into days and completing the easiest tasks first to build momentum.


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